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Clyde Blowers is an independent industrial investor based in East Kilbride, Glasgow.  CBC has led investments since the early 1990’s into Western headquartered industrial businesses.


The company’s management team, lead by Jim McColl, have a wealth of experience and a deep operational understanding of the various industry sectors into which they invest.  This knowledge and experience is applied to create value in its investments through the implementation of growth strategies, corporate reorganisation, acquisitions, divestment and turnarounds.
To find out more about Clyde Blowers Capital go to: http://www.clydeblowerscapital.com/


Skills Development Scotland (SDS) is Scotland’s national skills agency.

We are committed to building a skilled workforce for the future which champions fair work practices and a diverse workforce.     

Working with our partners, we strive to ensure employers have the right skills at the right time in high performing, fair and equal workplaces, and that every individual has the skills and confidence to get a job and progress in the workplace, achieving their full potential.

Our support for employers includes administering the funding for apprenticeship training in Scotland on behalf of the Scottish Government.  The Apprenticeship Family of Foundation, Modern and Graduate Level Apprenticeships plays a key role in setting people up for success in their careers. Apprenticeships are designed to tackle potential skills gaps, and support new or existing employees to develop. We work closely with Scotland’s industries to make sure apprenticeships meet their needs. To find out more about the Apprenticeship Family visit: www.apprenticeships.scot. To find out more about our support for employers, visit: www.ourskillsforce.co.uk









Scottish Enterprise is Scotland’s main economic development agency. Working in partnership with industry, academia and the public sector, SE aims to help make Scotland a place where business can thrive and key industries can be competitive. Its focus is to help businesses grow, encourage greater innovation and create the right conditions for companies to access property, markets and finance to increase productivity and increase Scotland’s ability to compete internationally.


SCOTRAIL  is  the largest regional train operator in the UK covering the widest geographical spread.
It  provides  95%  of  passenger rail services within Scotland – and the Caledonian Sleeper services to and from London. More than 2,200 services are operated  every  day  across  343  stations, including the busiest commuter network outside London - Strathclyde.
As  well  as  delivering  more  than  20%  growth in passenger numbers,customer satisfaction with ScotRail is at a record high.
ScotRail’s  remarkable transformation since the franchise was awarded in 2004  has  included the company being named UK Public Transport Operator of  the Year in 2006 and 2009, UK Passenger Operator of the Year in 2008 and  2009 and  Scottish  Public Transport Operator of the Year in 2006, 2007 and 2008.
A three year extension to the franchise was announced in April 2008 with the  Scottish Government declaring  it  was  down  “to  the success of ScotRail  in delivering levels of performance above and beyond those set out in the original agreement.”  TO find out more about Scotrail go to: www.scotrail.co.uk


VisitScotland is Scotland’s national tourism organisation. Its core purpose is to maximise the sustainable economic benefit of tourism to Scotland. 
The organisation has three key roles: 
1.     To market Scotland to all parts of the world to attract visitors 
2.     To provide information – and inspiration – to visitors and potential visitors so they get the best out of a visit to Scotland 
3.     To provide quality assurance to visitors and quality advice to the industry and partners to help the industry meet and strive to exceed customer expectations 
Tourism employs 270,000 people in Scotland across 20,000 diverse businesses and contributes £11 billion to the Scottish economy annually. 
VisitScotland works together with tourism businesses to make tourism a success for everyone and ensure the industry continues to grow. 
To find out more about the organisation go to www.visitscotland.org