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Scottish Chambers of Commerce is frequently asked for the business view on a range of issues by institutions such as the Scottish Government, the Scottish Parliament, and UK Government departments.

Chambers are a trusted and respected voice of the Scottish business community, and this section contains a selection of our recent submissions made on behalf of our members.

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Recent Consultation Responses

Enterprise and Skills Board - Strategic Plan

2014 Consultation Responses

Inquiry into Scotland’s Economic Future Post-2014


Inquiry into Scotland's Educational and Cultural Future 


2012 Consultation Responses 
Rail 2014 Public Consultation - February 2012


2011 Consultation Responses
Scotland Bill Submission - February 2011
High Spead Rail Response - May 2011
Scottish Affairs Committee Health & Safety Inquiry - June 2011
UK Space Agency Strategy - June 2011 
High Speed Rail: Investing in Britains Future - July 2011
Post 16 Response - Putting Learners at the Centre - December 2011
Scottish Government Draft Budget Response - December 2011



2010 Consultation Responses
Scottish Parliament Finance Committee, Budget Strategy Phase - March 2010
The Independent Budget Review - April 2010
Inquiry into the Relationship Between Transport and Land Use Planning Policies - May 2010
A Fundamental Review of the Purpose of an Enterprise Agency and the Success of the Recent Reforms - September 2010
Resourcing a High Quality Planning System - October 2010




2009 Consultation Responses
National Planning Framework 2 - January 2009
Credit Crunch and Role of EU Structural Funds - March 2009
Strategic Scrutiny of the Scottish Government's Budget - April 2009
The Future of Britain's Electricity Networks - May 2009