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Policy Papers



Scottish Chambers of Commerce in continually developing a broad ranging policy portfolio on behalf of its members.  The key policy making forum is the SCC Council, made up of representatives of each of the member Chambers and it is here that policy positions are formally discussed and endorsed.  This section contains a selection of our recent policy papers covering Scotland's key business issues.

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2011 Policy Document - Going for Growth

2010 Chambers of Commerce Tax Policy Snap Survey for Scotland

2010 Policy Document - Down to Business






2010 Briefing/Policy Papers

Brussels Visit - May 2010


Working Time Directive - June 2010


2009 Briefing/Policy Papers

Forthcoming UK Budget - April 2009

High Speed Rail, the Case for Scotland - June 2009



2008 Briefing/Policy Papers

Competition Commission, BAA Inquiry - May 2008

Ferry Services in Scotland - September 2008

Local Income Tax - December 2008