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Government Must Look to Business for Future Growth

[ 21-09-2009 ]

The British Chambers of Commerce has today (Monday 21 September) launched its manifesto for business in advance of the last UK Party Conference season before the next General Election.  The paper calls on all Parties to deliver a clear vision to allow businesses the freedom to create jobs, opportunity and growth as we emerge from recession.  Commenting, Liz Cameron, Chief Executive of Scottish Chambers of Commerce, said:

“Next year’s UK General Election is of vital concern to businesses in Scotland.  While many areas of policy have been devolved to the Scottish Parliament for a decade now, the fact remains that our Government at Westminster holds the purse stings and continues to make key decisions in terms of fiscal policy, defence spending, air transport and foreign affairs, to name only a few.
“For Scotland, the value of close working between the Scottish Government and the next Westminster Government will be vital as our constitutional arrangements evolve, and as the business community emerges from a deep recession to lead our economy back to the path of growth and prosperity.
“Our key message to the politicians is that it is business that will create the jobs, the opportunities and the wealth that will grow the Scottish economy as we exit recession and enter a new chapter in the economic cycle.  However in order to secure our future national prosperity, it will be necessary for government to keep a firm grip on public finances while at the same time freeing businesses to grow.

There are difficult years ahead, but the business community is prepared to work constructively with all tiers of Government in order to find the right solutions.”

BCC Manifesto