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[ 29-10-2009 ]

Speaking today at the Procurex Scotland Conference in Glasgow, Liz Cameron, Chief Executive of Scottish Chambers of Commerce, has underlined the need for Scotland’s public and private sectors to work together as we build towards economic recovery.  Liz Cameron said:

“It is an old economic axiom that Scotland’s public sector acts as a cushion at a time of recession but becomes a drag on business when the recovery phase of the cycle kicks in.  However we do not believe that this must always be the case.  By forging new alliances between the public and private sectors, Scotland plc can act as one to help deliver the competitive advantage that our businesses need to generate jobs, prosperity and economic growth.
“Businesses understand only too well the financial challenges facing Government at the moment – many firms have themselves had to deal with falling demand, lower turnovers and tight margins – and by working together we can help bring private sector experience to help solve public sector problems.
“The public procurement process is a key tool to help form and sustain partnerships between business and public sector bodies, but we must look to many other models of co-operation in order to supplement this process.  Chambers of Commerce at both a national and local level are working with the Scottish and UK Governments, local authorities and other public sector bodies day in, day out to help bring business knowledge to bear in delivering key projects such as business mentoring, international trade and skills and training.
“Scotland has a wealth of talent in both its private and public sectors.  We need to bring this together in closer partnerships to deliver for Scotland.”