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[ 25-11-2009 ]

Speaking at the 2009 Scottish Chambers of Commerce Annual Dinner, the organisation’s new Chairman, Mike Salter, has called for a greater understanding between government and business and for a much greater emphasis on the creation of wealth, even in these difficult times. If Government can provide the infrastructure and the right environment, business can flourish and create the wealth that politicians desire to distribute.  Mr Salter said:
“Since devolution, there has been in the Scottish Government, an emphasis on Social Justice and the re-distribution of wealth.  But in order for wealth to be distributed it must first be generated.  Business is the engine of wealth generation and I firmly believe that the role of Government is to provide the environment, both fiscally and physically for business to flourish, provide jobs and to generate wealth and prosperity for the nation.
“Government should provide the enablers for business to do business and not weigh it down with regulation, bureaucracy and red tape.
“The priority for all of us must be ‘Let Scotland Flourish’.  This must be the objective for politicians and business alike.  Capital resources for infrastructure investment will be hard to come by, but with a phased approach to a plan and an open and innovative mind set with regard to sources of finance, much can be achieved.  Investment made now will benefit all of us and our children.  The health of the business community is essential for the health and wealth of Scotland.
Speaking of the need for an ambition to make Scotland an exemplar of digital connectivity, Mr Salter added:
“The digital network and access to Broadband is now essential, and if we are to both stay competitive and encourage businesses outwith the main conurbations to develop, we must encourage not only the increase in speed and band width of the network, but the spread of the network to allow 100% coverage of Broadband throughout the country.
“Scotland is challenged topographically but our neighbours in Norway have it sorted and the Finns have made a Broadband connection a right!  We will be working hard to ensure that government gets this strong message.”