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[ 16-03-2010 ]

Scottish Chambers of Commerce today welcomed the Crown Estate's announcement of successful bidders for offshore wave and tidal sites at Orkney and in the Pentland Firth.
Chief Executive Liz Cameron said:
"To have pulled together these bids in such a short timescale is a tribute to the hard work and vision of many players, not least the Crown Estate itself, but also the individual companies, and the Scottish Government in supporting rapid investment in renewable energy.  To see the foundation being laid for a generation capacity from renewable resources four times that of Dounreay at its peak shows what can be done when private and public sector work together.
"There are lessons in here for the funding of other major infrastructure projects where a willingness to be bold and different can achieve landmark results.  We especially look forward to the optimism that this must bring for jobs in Caithness hitherto overshadowed by the decommissioning of Dounreay.  It is fantastic that Orkney is also able to build on its existing reputation as a national trials base for wave power.  
"Now it is up to Scottish businesses to reach for the mark in capturing their share of the supply chain for what is, by any standards, an enormous project.  We will continue our work with member companies to ensure they are best placed to seize the opportunity."