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[ 21-04-2010 ]

Commenting on the news that Scotland emerged from recession in the fourth quarter of 2009, with GDP growth of 0.2%, Liz Cameron, Chief Executive of Scottish Chambers of Commerce, said:

“It is very good news indeed that the Scottish economy joined with the rest of the UK in exiting recession during the last quarter of 2009.  The depth and sharpness of the economic decline Scotland has experienced was without precedent since the 1930s and the confirmation that we are now back on the road to growth, albeit shallow, comes as a great relief.  Whilst the overall rate of growth may be behind the revised UK figures, we are clearly on an upward path and we hope that this will continue and strengthen as the year goes on.
“Of course there remain challenges ahead and the news that Scottish unemployment is continuing to rise underlines the fact that Government cannot afford to take its eye off the ball in terms of the recovery. The maintenance of this recovery must be the top priority of the Scottish Government and whichever UK Government emerges from the General Election on 6 May.  We cannot afford to take anything for granted and public policy must be directed towards creating the right environment for the private sector to continue to pull us out of recession and on the way to growth and prosperity.  That means that the Scottish Government must review the huge rises in Business Rates that have been imposed on many Scottish businesses and the UK Government must take urgent action to abandon the tax on jobs that would result from a rise in National Insurance Contributions.”