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[ 29-07-2010 ]

Commenting on today’s publication of the Scottish Independent Budget Review report, Garry Clark, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at Scottish Chambers of Commerce, said:
“We welcome the publication of this report and its findings.  It has been clear for some time that Scotland needs to put its public sector and public services under the microscope if we are to ensure that they are fully geared towards supporting the private sector growth that we need to power the nation on towards greater prosperity.
“We are particularly pleased that this report highlights the need for Government to recognise that there must be no sacred cows when it comes to implementing the budget cuts which must be borne over the next few years.  Each and every public sector function must be subject to scrutiny if Scotland plc is to seize upon the unique opportunity we now have to ensure that the public and private sectors are to form a partnership for future growth.
“Equally important is the recommendation that Government must at last grasp the nettle of public sector pensions and bring these back into line with the norms of the private sector if we are to ensure that these do not become an ever more unmanageable burden on the public purse.
“As we go forward, this is about ensuring that the taxes paid by businesses and individuals are invested soundly in order to support both growth and wider social wellbeing.  We welcome the Independent Budget Review’s report as a sensible and compelling first step in this process.”