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[ 31-03-2011 ]

Scottish Chambers of Commerce (SCC) have today (31 March 2011) launched their pre-Scottish Election policy document, entitled ‘Going for Growth 2011’.  The paper sets out the priorities of SCC’s 10,000 members as Scotland prepares to elect its devolved government for the next five years, and its focus is on how Scotland’s private sector can be equipped to transform our economic fortunes. Launching the policy document, Liz Cameron, Chief Executive of Scottish Chambers of Commerce, said:

“Scotland stands at a crossroads.  As the recovery strives to achieve momentum, we have the opportunity to place our historic reliance on our public sector to one side and embrace a prosperous future, delivered through a vibrant private sector economy.  New business and employment opportunities can be fostered but this will require clear vision from government to direct its attentions towards creating the conditions for growth and supporting economic development in Scotland.
“We have a Parliament at Holyrood that is evolving as an institution and that can act as a positive instrument of change.  Even before it is endowed with new powers under the Scotland Bill, there is much it could be doing to support Scottish businesses within its current remit.  ‘Going for Growth 2011’ is a summary of our members’ views on how this can be achieved.
“Included in our policy document are a number of key recommendations aimed at encouraging growth in our economy.  They include proposals to better equip our young people with the skills of tomorrow, measures to upgrade our transport and digital infrastructure, a plan to provide for our future energy needs and practical suggestions as to how government can become more of a help than a hindrance to business success.
“This is not about going to government with a shopping list - business recognises the financial pressures our politicians will have to deal with over the next five years - instead, these are a summary of real priorities from real businesses that, if adopted by our next government, could help steer Scotland towards a prosperous future for all.”