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[ 25-10-2012 ]

Scottish Chambers of Commerce Chief Executive Liz Cameron today gave evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs, on the second day of their visit to Scotland to gather evidence for their inquiry into the economic effects of Scottish Independence on the United Kingdom.
Liz Cameron addressed the committee on a range of constitutional issues.  Speaking afterwards, Liz Cameron said:
“To make a decision about Scottish independence, businesses wants and needs answers.  We require not only the Scottish Government, but also the UK Government to set out the parameters within which they see any post-referendum negotiations taking place.  The UK government has now agreed to this referendum, but if it wants to see the UK kept together, it too must make its case.
“I am delighted that my fellow panellists agreed with Scottish Chambers of Commerce that continued membership of the EU is of huge advantage to Scottish businesses.  Whatever the outcome of the referendum, ensuring that this can continue is a priority.”
“Issues about currency, about the European Union, about regulation, and about the liabilities of a new Scottish state, will have a huge impact on the views of business and their decisions about Scottish independence.  Definitive answers may not be forthcoming on some of these points until any post referendum negotiations take place, but we look forward to engaging with both governments and with the wider policy community as we work towards clarity.  
Businesses’ decision-making must be able to be driven by data and facts, not emotions.  Businesses must be able to assess all options, to identify opportunities and any risks; only this will enable them to effectively reach a view.
“Throughout 2013, discussion and debate will be taking place in Chambers of Commerce across Scotland, resulting in detailed questions which SCC will be putting to both sides of the constitutional debate, and both governments.”