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[ 27-08-2013 ]

 Scottish Chambers of Commerce are delighted to announce the nationwide launch of their Graduate Recruitment Incentive, providing support to small businesses across Scotland to create quality jobs for our talented young graduates.


The First Minister, Alex Salmond, will launch the programme today, 27 August 2013 at MacLeod Construction in Campbeltown at 3:45pm as part of an announcement on the Make Young People Your Business policy initiative.


Liz Cameron, Chief Executive of the Scottish Chambers of Commerce, explained:


"What the Scottish economy needs is dynamic, confident businesses. That's why we are delighted to be part of this unique collaboration between the Scottish Government and business. The success of our pilot programme earlier this year demonstrated its value: through our network of local Chambers of Commerce, we placed 100 graduates into jobs.

“The commitment of both business and government to roll out this programme across Scotland will assist small businesses to grow whilst creating jobs for our talented graduates.  This is a win-win for all.  Small businesses are given tailored support to help them in what can be a complicated recruitment process, enabling them to access the talent of our young people.


“Our network of Chambers across Scotland is passionately committed to making young people our business.  The potential of these graduates, coupled with entrepreneurial spirit of small businesses brings innovation and fresh thinking to Scotland’s firms.  This investment will place them at the core of our ambition to grow. And a career that starts in a small business can be a great move for a young graduate and make a tangible contribution to that company’s growth.”


Project partners, Scottish Government, also commented at the programme launch.

First Minister, the Rt Hon Alex Salmond MSP said:


“We are determined to invest in the skills and talents of all our young people, right across the country, to help them build a more prosperous future for themselves, their families and for Scotland. This week we are encouraging businesses to ‘Make Young People Your Business’ – raising awareness amongst employers of the vibrancy and enthusiasm of Scotland’s young workforce and enabling them to take on more young people.


“Scotland’s young people face a range of challenges In the current economic climate. Through the Scottish Chambers of Commerce’s Graduate Recruitment Incentive, the creation of 270 permanent jobs will help our graduates make a meaningful contribution to the growth of small businesses and develop careers that maximise their skills."