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[ 21-01-2015 ]

Commenting on the release of official data which shows that Scottish unemployment increased by 7,000 from September to November 2014, Liz Cameron, Director and Chief Executive of Scottish Chambers of Commerce, said:


On Unemployment:

 “Scotland’s level of unemployment has risen by 0.2% and whilst Scottish unemployment remains below the UK level, more needs to be done. Government must work with business to help drive productivity in Scotland, enabling businesses to support recruitment and wage growth.”

The largest contributing factor to this rise was the 7,000 increase in male unemployment. We would suggest that these figures should be investigated further to uncover what is driving such an increase in order to create a planned solution to ensure we continue to grow Scottish business and create new jobs.

“It is essential that important economic indicators are not looked at in isolation. We need to take a big picture overview on economic statistics to ensure that all government policies and divisions are travelling in the same direction.”

On Employment:


“The statistics also show that employment has increased by 1,000 over the same period. This is expected to continue as our most recent Quarterly Business Survey shows that businesses expect a positive trend in recruitment in 2015. We must work to turn this positivity into reality. Businesses need a supply of trained staff coming through to fill vacancies. Therefore, now is the time, for Government to enable businesses to drive the solution to tackle skills shortages that act as a barrier to growth.”