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[ 22-01-2015 ]

Commenting on the publication of the UK Government’s draft legislation for future Scottish devolution, Liz Cameron, Director and Chief Executive of Scottish Chambers of Commerce, said:


“Scotland’s post-referendum settlement has reached another historic milestone, with the publication of draft legislation to pave the way to making the Smith Commission’s recommendations a reality.  Politicians must now put aside yesterday’s debating points and get on with the job we elected them to do: to work with Scotland’s businesses to grow our economy.


“Our objective must be to secure every possible advantage for Scotland and our businesses from the devolved settlement and then to hold our politicians to account for delivering on this, both at a UK and a Scottish level.  That means securing the advantages of the single UK market, exploiting uniquely Scottish opportunities and finding new ways to incentivise economic growth and development at a local level.  It is businesses that are creating jobs in Scotland, but we need our Governments to understand how we are achieving this and to enable us to develop new opportunities.


“Further consideration will be required to determine the practical effects that many of the legislative proposals may have on doing business in Scotland, particularly where these may result in additional burdens or costs.  We urge the UK and Scottish Governments to put businesses at the heart of this process.


“We would also argue that there is a strong case to make rapid progress with some of the legislative changes, including the pressing need for Scotland to gain early control over Air Passenger Duty in order to allow the Scottish Government to tackle a major blockage in growing Scotland’s connectivity and attractiveness to investors and tourists alike.”




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