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www.scottishchambers.org.uk is owned and operated by Scottish Chambers of Commerce Limited. Information we collect from users of the site will be stored by us on computers in the UK and may be used in the following ways:
Contact details. 
We will use your contact details (your name, email, mobile phone number) to provide membership services requested by you. These details will be used by us and by chambers within Scottish Chambers of Commerce to provide you with information about other services and promotions and may also be disclosed to third party businesses and advertisers for the same purpose.
Voluntary Information. 
We may ask for further information about you as part of online surveys or if you enter any competition or other promotional feature. This information will be used to enable us to improve our website or online service. It may also be disclosed to other companies who may provide services of interest to you.
Cookies are small pieces of information stored by us on your computer which enable us to identify your computer when you access our services or websites. We may use cookies to provide you with a convenient means of access, without needing your password. Also to protect the integrity of registered user names and passwords and to limit access to 'paid for' services. We will not disclose information obtained by the use of cookies to third parties.
Statistical information. 
Aggregate statistical information provided by us to our advertisers or others regarding sales or website usage will not include personally identifying information.
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You can alter the details we hold by logging into your account via the website www.scottishchambers.org.uk or by sending an e-mail to: admin@scottishchambers.org.uk
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